Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes
Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes
Kay Bailey

 USD 112 Wellness Committee Minutes

September 20, 2017

Mission Statement:

To create a Health and Wellness program to positively impact a healthy lifestyle for staff and students.

in order to live in a happier and more productive work and learning environment: 

"Live Well, Work Well, Learn Well!"

 The USD 112 Wellness Committee met April 19th at 4:00 pm, in the CPES Library. Those members present were: Terri DeWerff, Pam Stiles, Therese Strobel, Cheryl Montoya, Bobby Crow, Lisa Menzer, Colton Potts, Greg Clark and Kay Bailey.  Not present were: Gary Bittner, Alisha Crow, Brenda Buehler, and Terina Templeton.

 Staff Health & Wellness

  • 2017-18 Goals
  • Other: Staff & Student Flu shots will be given on Oct 9. Sign-up at your school office. Additional committee members suggestions- Mr. Clark will speak to Mr. Wilson about an additional member from Wilson and Kay will get in touch with Renee’ Lahman, Art teacher at CPES & CPMS.
  • Meet again – December 13th, 2017, 4pm CPES Library. 

·         WorkWell KS: Kay discussed the Foundation Webinar – Chronic Disease Part I. She brought to the committee’s attention that before moving on with the ‘Strategic Framework’ we need to finish building the foundation (communications, data, wellness committee, leadership and incentives).

·         Staff with WorkWell KS sent information about two different assessments to gather data - Overall Needs and Interests: helps worksites gauge employees needs and interest, including physical activity, nutrition, tobacco, and well-being; helpful to determine which health topic to start with. And Productivity: assesses employee health and stress at work with an emphasis on impacts on ability to do work; helpful to determine a baseline level of productivity. WorkWell KS will administer a one-year follow-up for this assessment so you can see if you comprehensive worksite wellness initiative made an impact on productivity.  The committee decided to find out more about the Overall Needs and Interest Assessment. Kay will send a copy for review.

·         Health & Wellness All Staff In-service – Jan 15th, 2018. The format will be the same as was set-up for last year’s (postponed due to weather).

·         Health & Wellness All Staff  In-service: Scheduled

·         Wellness goals for all schools.

1) Food is not to be used as a reward: Much discussion was held on this topic. While it is a good idea, implementation would be difficult as the student like receiving candy and it does get results. Kay handed out ideas for student rewards & incentives.  Mr. Clark will talk with the administration about including in the student handbook a statement that ‘It is highly encouraged that nutritious food or non-food items be used as rewards & incentives’.

2) Students provide input on foods offered in the cafeteria: The committee discuss doing a short survey. Mr. Clark suggested that Kay go to each school and visit with a few students and find out their thought about the food that is offered.

3) Students that participate in indoor recess are provided moderate to vigorous physical activity: Will have Gary Bittner report on the present routine at the next meeting.

·         Wellness Policies for Staff & Student handbooks (2018-19): Mr. Clark will discuss with the principals what policies they would like to see in the handbooks.